Keys 1
Track vehicles on web platform in real time.
Keys 2
Fast data retrieval from centralize redundancy servers.
Keys 3
User friendly, web tracking with history reporting.
Keys 4
Support multi-languages.
Keys 5
User can login web platform at anywhere.

Solution of GPS Tracking System for Personal

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Have you ever think about the aged person(parents) doing when you are not at their side just when they are inconvenience. Can you know at the fastest time when they are emergency? Can you guarantee your child can’t be lost at outdoor? What can you do if you lost your way in jungle/hill when you’re hiking and no one know your location?

With using our advanced GPS Tracking System and platform, we can easily know about the position of the person even when they have emergency:

  • When facing emergency, our GPS tracking System contain the SOS button. We can easily press the button when emergency happened and our 24/7 Command Center will be ready to find the best way to solve this situation. For example, an old man have a sudden heart attack, he can press the SOS button immediately instead of using mobile phone calling the other person.
  • The personal tracker also can be using as mobile phone because it can be using at two-way conversation.
    Our system can track the route of a person. So when the children are lost their way, we can track their position.
  • The precise data of entire journey will let us clear about such as time, date, position(longitude and latitude), address, speed, altitude, direction, alarm type and many more.