Keys 1
Track vehicles on web platform in real time.
Keys 2
Fast data retrieval from centralize redundancy servers.
Keys 3
User friendly, web tracking with history reporting.
Keys 4
Support multi-languages.
Keys 5
User can login web platform at anywhere.


Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID), the function of RFID is distinguish the identification of every driver. The driver can use the light and handy RFID dongle and place near the RFID instrument to identify the identity of the driver. If a transport company or a bus company implement the punch card method or pay salary along with working time, using RFID is the best way because every staff can identify their identity with their dongle by easy way. Every RFID dongle have different RFID number, so every worker will hold their RFID dongle respectively to identify themselves. For example, the bus driver can identify themselves when changing shift so that the data will appear in the report and the company will get the precise working time of staff.

With using our system, we can easily checking the identity the identity of every staff, the appeared data will show out the identity number, time, location.